Saturday, November 29, 2014

C'mon in & Celebrate the Holidays with us

A group of fabulous secondary sellers have decided to list our stores, all participating in the TPT site-wide sale December 1 & 2, in one convenient place for you. (We round up around here, to account for the fact that there are still fewer of us than primary stores... so that includes middle school & above.)

 Super Secondary TPT Cyber-Monday Sale

A HUGE thanks to Danielle (Study All Knight) for organizing us & making this great graphic with our store logos!

Up to 28% off the entire site (items marked down 20%
+ use Promo Code TPTCYBER at checkout for an additional 10%)
Monday, December 1st and Tuesday, December 2nd 

Participating Stores:
Teaching FSL
Danielle Knight
James Whitaker
Created by Mr.Hughes
Juggling ELA
Ruth S.
Miss Math Dork
The Creative Classroom
Kate’s Classroom Cafe 
Live Love Math
Darlene Anne 
Michele Luck’s Social Studies
Charlene Tess
Teaching Math By Hart
2 Peas and a Dog
Pamela Kranz
Kristin Lee
The Career Ready Teacher
All Things Algebra
The SuperHERO Teacher
Liz’s Lessons
For the Love of Teaching Math
Secondary Solutions
Teaching High School Math
A Space to Create
The Classroom Sparrow
Science Stuff
Addie Williams 
The Tutor House
Connie Casserly 
Tracee Orman 
FisherReyna Education
Lessons With Coffee 
Karol Steele
Margaret Whisnant

Mad Science Lessons
The Math Post
It's My Business
Room 213
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bright Ideas "Best of" Round Up

For ten months now, Shelley Gray of Teaching in the Early Years has inspired a couple of hundred teacher-bloggers to share thousands of ad-free posts with great tips to our blog-reading audience once a month. She called this the "Bright Ideas blog hop" and then it became a link up. First, I want to thank Shelley for her organization, her initiative and - in case I haven't mentioned it before - being an awesome person!  We got to spend a little time poolside together last summer and she's so genuine and such a kind, warm person and educator!

This month, we're recapping our Bright Ideas posts in case you didn't get to read them all.

My first Bright Ideas post in April was to share an idea I had following a four-day PD experience through my school board, in which a group of French Immersion & Language teachers focused on building literacy through responding to students' learning needs in the moment.

Here's a possibly-too-frank moment: I initially found co-planning and co-teaching (under short time constraints, without being able to bring any resources with me, not knowing my co-teachers) quite stressful, and this tip was a way for me to cope with that discomfort. Feel free to revisit this by clicking the image from the original post.

For MFL teachers, in May I talked about a web site I'd discovered full of multilingual videos, and how it's connected to social activism in a way. Read more about Viki here.

Forming Literature Circle groups in a different way was my topic for June. Please read about the approach I used last year here.

In July, I told a personal story and encouraged you all to collaborate even more than you do now. It's funny how my PLN has continued to expand since then and I hope yours has as well. You can revisit that by clicking the image here.

August's Bright Idea was about what I use for Bingo chips in my class and some tips about how Bingo can continue to be used in French class. You can check it out below.

My most recent post is perhaps my favourite. It's a tip for using photos to help with field trip organization and gives students who are old enough to explore a bit on their own a little "social accountability". Check September's Bright Idea post out here.

I hope that you've enjoyed the useful tips I've shared in the Bright Ideas link up, and that you have found something that you can try yourself. This month's link up is below for tons more bright ideas from my international teaching friends! 

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