Katie Lyon at the blog Teaching: The Art of Possibility is hosting a Linky Parky for teachers to share our favourite free fonts.  I'm a bit fickle when it comes to design... a look I LOVE at one point, I soon decide is dated, or too crazy, or just not "me" anymore.  I have a few ol' stand-bys that I rely on when the creativity well is running dry.  Here's one I've been liking lately.

I think I like this free font, Pacifico, because it resembles the style of my own handwriting, with a mixture of printing and cursive letters.

Image of Winking girl at Teaching FSLThis font is just much more consistent and much neater than my own handwriting!  I'm starting to use a couple of other fonts pretty regularly too, but I think I won't spill all of my beans just yet. It's only my second post, after all!