Yeah!  The past few weeks have been quite an interesting ride on my facebook journey.  I went from 50 individual "Likes" on June 23 to 100 just now!

I absolutely couldn't have done it without my fabulous online "promoters".  I'm so happy to have you guys (well, gals mostly, actually) behind me, encouraging me to keep sharing the resources and articles I track down, to spend time creating my own that are usable beyond my own four walls, and to generally share what's happening in this French teacher's world.

So, time for a celebration!  Funny how it coincides with July 1 and July 4th! I have some of my online friends contributing to make this party extra-special.

Enter by filling out the giveaway form.  I will use a random number generator to select winners for the following prizes, and after the "contest" closes at midnight EST Wednesday, July 11, I'll send everyone who entered a one-time special digital freebie.  (And I promise to respect your privacy - the email addresses collected will not be used to further market to you... at some future point, if I'm offering to do that through a newsletter or something, I'll be happy to let you know, and to seek your consent then!)

I figured the fairest way to do this... since I'm not very experienced at it and want to keep it simple ... is that I will email the winners (with a blind copy) once I finish making the random draws for the total number of prizes, as well as publish a list here on my blog.  The winners will need to comment on the post indicating their choice of prize... first come, first pick!

So what are the prizes?

(Update:  I think that's it now for the prizes, so I've deleted the "more to come" comment above, and this paragraph is no longer needed. But I feel weird deleting it, so I'll leave it in with this disclaimer!)  I could pretend that I'm being mysterious but the truth is that even though I started to think about what I would do when I hit 100 followers when my facebook page hit 50, that was just 2 weeks ago and I really didn't expect it to happen so quickly!  I still have to work out the details with some of the prize donors as we've been busy with family and fireworks.

Please be sure to follow the links above to check out the wonderful bloggers who are helping me out by supporting my giveaway.  They are ALL fabulous!  Here's to continued success, for all of us!