I often check on TeachersPayTeachers to see what new French items have been added.  Just for fun, a while ago I decided to "reverse sort", which you can't actually do, to see what the oldest French products posted there might be.  (Note to self... submit suggestion that adding a reverse-sort option would be good!) I've included five freebies in this blog post, plus a bonus one from me.
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The French Verb Walk by Jeanne Durrer is an awesome idea but (no offense intended to Ms Durrer) it's just that - an idea - not a fully usable "product".  TPT buyers' expectations have changed a lot over the past several years, with many fabulous teacher-sellers upping the ante, which benefits all teachers in the end. I've developed her idea a little bit, so that it's now a ready-to-print regular verb review activity. You'll still need to download her original product for the instructions though, because it felt too much like "copying" to rewrite them and include them.

I found two great activities from Miriam Wall, in the UK.  This one, to practice inviting a friend to go out with you is awesome! Eight usable pages plus instructions... good stuff!  Fits right into our move towards the CEFRL-based teaching style that's being encouraged in Ontario currently.

And she also shares a Cognates PowerPoint - a must-teach concept for any French teacher!

This fun zoo board game is listed as a French product, but unfortunately there is no French version included... I asked the teacher-creator Amanda a couple of times to update it and she agreed but appareently didn't find time to do it. (I even offered to update it myself, but I did not get her direct permission so I didn't feel comfortable sharing my version.)  Of course, the text in a PowerPoint file is completely editable, so it's a very quick fix, should you want to use this game in class.  My advice - consider replacing "seal" with another animal. You know why!  ;-)

How about something for your Open House Night literature folder?  I like to keep a few articles, lists of tips, and other useful information handy just in case one parent is tying you up a little longer than expected.

Those of you who have been teaching French for years - or decades - it's time to go through your files and decide what resources you have created and perfected over the years that just need a bit of fine tuning before they can become awesome little gold nuggets like these for other students to enjoy!  Sign up for a free Seller membership at TpT today and upload a couple of freebies to start! Trust me, you'll LOVE the little jump your heart does when you get a positive comment on something! Oh! And please drop me a line if you do, so I can thank you!