Are you familiar with Manic Mondays on Classroom Freebies (a web site set up by Charity Preston, of the Organized Classroom Blog)? I made this post originally as part of that collaboration. 

Creating a free item worth sharing within 24 hours is tricky to accomplish, with school and home commitments combined with my fondness for online chatter. Luckily for me - or maybe luckily for you! - I just happened to have a free Graphic Organizer that I put together recently to use in my French Immersion class! My students are selecting and presenting an article that they found online or in print newspapers to share a current event that interests them and to start an in-class discussion.

(This could also work through distance learning or remote learning, or in a blended classroom, with a recorded presentation and then a live synchronous discussion!)

If you prefer to keep it simple, you could easily use just the first page, but I added a "verso" (second side) as an extension, for my Actualité unit with an oral interaction and inquiry focus.

In my class, the students are required to conclude their current events presentation with a thought-provoking question to stimulate conversation in the classroom. I evaluate the presenter on certain agreed-upon criteria, but also the other students need to show evidence of critical thinking and expression of their own opinion and ideas.

This is great for differentiated instruction/assessment as well.  You could easily ask students to fill a certain number of sections, or assign different questions for students, depending on what you wanted to evaluate.  I hope you like it!