Are you familiar with Manic Mondays on Classroom Freebies (a web site set up by Charity Preston, of the Organized Classroom Blog)? I made this post originally as part of that collaboration. 

Creating a free item worth sharing within 24 hours is tricky to accomplish, with school and home commitments combined with my fondness for online chatter. Luckily for me - or maybe luckily for you! - I just happened to have a free Graphic Organizer that I put together recently to use in my French Immersion class! My students are selecting and presenting an article that they found online or in print newspapers to share a current event that interests them and to start an in-class discussion.

(This could also work through distance learning or remote learning, or in a blended classroom, with a recorded presentation and then a live synchronous discussion!)

If you prefer to keep it simple, you could easily use just the first page, but I added a "verso" (second side) as an extension, for my Actualité unit with an oral interaction and inquiry focus.

In my class, the students are required to conclude their current events presentation with a thought-provoking question to stimulate conversation in the classroom. I evaluate the presenter on certain agreed-upon criteria, but also the other students need to show evidence of critical thinking and expression of their own opinion and ideas.

This is great for differentiated instruction/assessment as well.  You could easily ask students to fill a certain number of sections, or assign different questions for students, depending on what you wanted to evaluate.  I hope you like it!


  1. This looks great, but the link to the sheet won't work (at least for me). Any chance you can check it and repost it? Looks great - where are they finding their articles en francais - or are they finding them in English, and talking about them in French?

    1. Hi Lisa - Perhaps you need to be logged in to a Google account to open it? I had a couple of people check for me, plus tried it myself, and it seems fine to us. Let me know if you still can't get it to work!

      I gave them a list of online French news sources... some local, some national, some international. I didn't create the list though - only added to it - so that's why I didn't share it as well.

      Since my students are immersion, they are capable of reading the articles in French, plus I find it better for their vocabulary choices when presenting.

      If your students are at a lower level of ability still, you could always encourage them to use French language articles & demonstrate a potential use for a translation tool (including Premier, which my board has, or Google's web page translation ability). Might be a good opportunity to reinforce that sometimes such services only give you a sense of the general meaning.

  2. très bien fait Mme:) Je m'en sers pour mes prochaines présentations orales.

  3. Fantastique! Ça me fait grand plaisir de créer et fournir quelque chose que vous trouvez utile!


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