Guess where I stopped in during my family's summer vacation, to help get ready for a French Immersion intermediate level classroom this year?

That's right!  I visited a certain "Value" store!  I looked around for a variety of ideas that might be handy for my class, but  - call me boring - the only thing I ended up buying were books. These seemed more appropriate than the Core French level books I already own, so I was very happy with my find.

Can you believe it was only about $30 for my treasures?  I was considering buying JUST a second copy of the traditional verb conjugation hard cover student book, Bescherelle, for about $18 on its own.

Unfortunately, I have not yet read all of these books myself, so there is the possibility of there being something in there that isn't quite age-appropriate. So far, the students have ONLY been drawn to the Disney movie books, but they are reasonably text-heavy, so for a little bit of personal reading, I've been allowing it if they forget their own book.

I also had an opportunity to snap photos of a few other things that I found interesting.  I'm not quite sure how I'll use this, but I'm open to any suggestions that you might have!

À la prochaine!