Although the sale went fairly well for me, no one decided to leave feedback yet, and the three people I chose to win products from my store didn't come across this blog entry, it seems.  Too bad... or maybe I should say Tant pis!

I can't say that I blame anyone who didn't make an effort to leave feedback right now... I think this is becoming a "draggy" part of the year for many of us (even if I still have too many weeks left to slow down too much!) And I didn't yet leave feedback on anything that I purchased, as I haven't had the time to take a closer look, let alone to actually use it yet!

Oh well... I really did love the idea of this giveaway.  Maybe I'll revisit it again in the future, and reselect feedback then to win a prize.  Be sure to follow my blog if you don't want to miss out next time!

Have a great day!