Those of you who are avid edu-blog readers might already be acquainted with Farley's "Currently" monthly link up feature on the Oh Boy 4th Grade blog.  Ive perused and commented occasionally, but never have I taken the opportunity to participate... probably because I haven't really thought about blogging until well into the wee hours (well... OK... really more like 9 p.m.)

I made it this time!!  YES!

Feel free to join in the fun - just check out the terms right above the Inlinkz gadget on her blog.

(And I realize that I broke one of the terms already - but HOW do I include a link to an item on my actual graphic?  I think I could figure it out, given a full day, but then I'd be too late to join in on Currently.  SO... instead I'm adding a fourth Back to School must have.)

I'm sure I've mentioned this product on my blog before. The seller is Jos76 and I found his circumlocation product so valuable in my class.  If you teach a foreign language (Italian, Spanish, French...) you ought to check out the resources he has to offer which can save you a lot of planning time!