Classroom management... just as important for the success of any French teacher as the teacher's fluency! What are the things that drive YOU crazy in class and suck up your teaching energy? I'd always prefer to focus on teaching rather than dealing with situations, but of course they come up regularly, and I try to use them as teachable moments as well.

Here's an idea to help squash the classroom junior lawyer, which is one of my pet peeves. You know that child who simply MUST speak up on behalf of his or her friend when you ask another student to stop fooling around, or to focus on their work? Avez-vous un "avocat de classe"? Certainly I want to respect my students' perspectives and have them feel that their voice matters. That should not derail the entire class though, and I feel that learning how to advocate for themselves, or for others, needs to be done in a respectful and diplomatic way. That's an important lesson for them in becoming future engaged citizens, right?

Have them make an appointment to come discuss their concerns with you outside of class time. Do it right within your plan book, agenda, or scheduling tool within your handheld computer (aka iPhone, android or tablet). If it's important enough to say, it's important enough to carve out time for and to phrase properly! This could be during lunch, recess, or after school... whatever works in your case.

I'd love for you to share here what other strategies have worked for you.