This week I'm co-hosting the Notice & Note book study along with Meg of The Teacher Studio. We split two topics... she's looking at text complexity and I'm dealing with the question "Are we creating Lifelong Learners?"

To me, this was a simple one. The answer to most of the discussion questions at the end of this section (i.e. do you talk frequently with your students about being a lifelong learner, and describe yourself in those terms? Do we help students to value the right to an education and do they enjoy it?) was a resounding "YES!"

Differentiated instruction, teaching through inquiry, modeling curiosity, and letting the students teach ME about things they are interested in (parkour, anyone?  professional gaming competitions?) are just a few of the ways I try to foster lifelong learning with my students.  Gosh, I sure HOPE I'm successful at that, with most of them.

There were a few words that disturbed me... (page 63) - "As a nation - perhaps not in your individual school or your own classroom - we have a long way to go in reaching that goal."

What do you think we could do, beyond our own classroom walls, to make a positive difference to the way adults around us... our fellow citizens!... look at lifelong learning?  It's really not "just too late" for them, is it?  Feel free to comment below, or on any of the other blog posts about this section of the book.