Happy new year... it's still January, so I can say that, right? In any case, this crazy balloon is still floating in my son's bedroom, so I feel I'm justified!

We're in the midst of report card preparations, and I'm working on differentiation-overload, it feels like, so just a short and sweet blog post today. This has been sitting in my drafts folder forever!

On the website "Printable Paper" there's a whole section with free storyboard templates.  Pick whatever format you'd like your students to use, download and print. That's all there is to it! Storyboards can be great for planning comics, such as Bitstrips, and film projects.

Or consider letting students decide for themselves. I'm all about personalized educational experiences over here! I find giving students this type of choice is useful sometimes as it allows us to dialogue about why they made the decision they did and how different layouts might be more appropriate for certain sets of circumstances. This stretches their critical thinking and metacognitive abilities.

You'll also find other potentially useful printables on this site. The graphing paper options I've found handy a few times, and the "shooting targets" might have a place in the classroom, just as target images. Please, don't shoot. Unless it's some kind of a kinesthetic throwing game. Then, be my guest.

Have fun browsing the options!