I realized I had an old blog post that somehow got corrupted or deactivated - or maybe I just never published it properly. Although I'm not totally sure what happened with the original, a buyer just asked me about the pre-reading minds-on activity I mentioned in my unit for the novel Enfants de la Rébellion. You can check out the novel study guide that I created to use in my class a couple of years ago in my TPT store.

Although the pre-reading activity can be easily adapted to suit individual classrooms, changing the focus to correspond with your long-term teaching goals, here is the set of quotes that I used as an anticipation guide-type activity.

Students love a chance to move around the classroom, even when there is still a learning purpose, so I used this along with some upbeat francophone music to encourage students to speak to various classmates. It's a great opportunity to mix students up in ways they might not be normally grouped within the classroom, with a very low risk factor. The structure I used is "Tea Party" and you can read more about that strategy here. (To me, it actually seems like more of a "cocktail party" strategy... picture people circulating around and chatting, rather than sitting down with pinkies in the air... but I guess we're keeping it PG by avoiding the potential alcohol reference.)

So, if you're exploring this novel in your class, feel free to avail yourself of the quotes that I selected from various parts of the novel, to give an idea about the characters, the setting, the genre and certain aspects of the plot (without giving too much away, of course! No outright spoilers.)

I've included the 25 quotes I used in my classroom, and there are a couple of blanks at the end, in case you need to hand-write a few more, for a larger class. I've also provided a PowerPoint file, into which you can type your own quotes if you're a fan of consistency in appearance & have messy handwriting (like me!). The PowerPoint is not fully editable, to protect the graphics I used and honour their terms of use. But there are text boxes within which you can customize or personalize the text.

Thanks for stopping by! (Et merci beaucoup, Shannon, for letting me know that this element was missing!)