Here's just a small freebie for today. I made this simple sign to go in my classroom above the pocket chart I use for Exit Tickets. I'm making it available for you in PDF or PowerPoint format (which means what you'll actually download is a zipped file, containing both the PDF and PPT files). In the PowerPoint file, you can change the font, colours or wording as you wish.

The colours match the colours in my Welcome Banner, and a few other things in my room. You can adjust it if you have a different colour scheme, or use it as is if you like mine!

One of my students questioned my wording. She thought the last word needed to be plural. But I'm feeling like my wording is ok, since the exit tickets are plural, yes, but there is only one exit, so "sortie" acts like a designation... What do you think?

I hope someone finds it useful!!