For Earth Week, I thought I'd share some links I've compiled for activities and material to accompany the story and film l'Homme qui plantait des arbres. The text which is about loss, selflessness and reforestation was freely shared by its author & is in the public domain.

You can also purchase print copies if you desire. Click on the image of the story to go straight to Amazon.ca.

  1. Here's one of many sources for the text online. If you search, you'll find other ones I am certain.
  2. This is a website prepared by Sarah Jourdain with some good pre-reading and post-reading activities and suggestions, as well as discussion and comprehension questions for each section. It's all online... which might be good if you planned to just project it & discuss. I'd probably want to copy and paste the material into a PowerPoint or a PDF type document to present to my class a bit at a time, but that's easy enough to do.
  3. Here's an English activity kit, which could be great if you need to co-teach or co-plan with non-FSL colleagues. Or, you could always start translating away, even if that seems a little bit silly. (The text was written in French after all!)
  4. This booklet has some rather fuzzy classification worksheets near the end, but there are still some good ideas contained within.
  5. This French teacher blog (from France) has some more visually appealing material to share. Test print first... A4 paper isn't common here and is a little longer than letter sized, so you may need to make some minor formatting adjustments.
  6. And lastly, for some additional visual material, this artist (Keren Taggar) has some wonderful illustrations that could be incorporated in your classroom activities along with the story... before or after reading or viewing, along with oral and written expression.
  7. Here's the video in French, with French subtitles, on YouTube.

Hope you enjoy a lovely Earth Day!