A unit about travel is a great way to end the year in the FSL class, as you and the kids transition to thoughts of summer. Earlier this year, I helped out an online acquaintance who couldn't find what she wanted for a dramatic play area in her French kindergarten classroom. Here's what I put together for her... a word wall to help support the students in speaking about air travel in French!

I also wanted to share with you this resource that I found on Pinterest. It's a great themed image, kind of like a map of the airport.

Airports are actually great sources of authentic material for French. Think emergency procedures cards (which may be in multiple languages or may even be wordless), free in-flight magazines and menus, safety procedures and recordings in both official languages, signage galore, and then of course interactions with actual people from various places and different linguistic backgrounds.

Even just collecting images from online sources that can help you to create a faux airport environment would be fun!

Also, check out this blog post I wrote about 5 possible virtual field trips, and feel free to add your own ideas for other virtual field trips in the comments below! I'm sure the possibilities are nearly endless!