Wednesday, October 21, 2015

All Treats, No Tricks: Secondary Smorgasbord

Here in Canada, we celebrated our Thanksgiving two weekends ago. In the USA, this holiday of gratitude and geniality (let's not get into the historical origins here & focus on moving forward together, you know?) is marked in November. In between, we both look forward to some Halloween fun. One thing I'm sure many teachers are thankful for is that the post-Trick-or-treating candy crash can happen quietly at home this year instead of in our schools.

Many of us think of how we can help others around these holiday seasons. I'd like to offer up to you a graphic organizer to prepare students to give a presentation... a persuasive one to help your class or school charitable club decide who to support with their efforts at fundraising or other types of giving. We selected a recipient within the microfinancing web tool Kiva, but you can certainly help out closer to home, or find another way to lift up others in our global village if you wish.

Use this in French Immersion, Core French as well as in standard classes or organizations, since I've included three different versions (including one completely in English) from which you, or your students, may choose. Did I mention that it is EDITABLE? Change it to suit your own students' needs! I just ask that you share the original link with other teachers along with your own.

Thanks once again to Pamela and Darlene who are the masterminds behind this wonderful monthly opportunity for secondary edubloggers to show that WE care about sharing and connecting just as much as our kind-hearted and helpful primary colleagues!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tricks & Treats: A Halloween Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by this Sunday morning.

Today's blog post is part of a Halloween Blog Hop with several other fabulous Canadian teacher-bloggers. Many thanks to Erin Beattie who is hosting this holiday-themed blog hop. Be sure to check out her awesome blog at some point during this event, and at any other time as she always is working hard at sharing something with her readers.

If your students celebrate Halloween and your school has no policy against participating in this holiday (which has always been secular to my mind, but I know some people would deeply disagree!) then my tip for you in the French or other second language classroom would be to use this opportunity to encourage students to practice and perfect certain expressions that will be useful to them in a number of situation (i.e. guy with pickaxe in his head is HOPEFULLY a description your students WON'T need to use with any kid of regularity in French!). So get them talking about something they are excited to talk about anyway, their costumes and plans, their favorite media related to this holiday, the best costume they ever saw... and don't treat celebrating Halloween as a major French cultural undertaking because there are few places where francophones really celebrate Halloween in the way we do in North America.

To this end, I made a fun activity for students to use to express their preferences and opinions. It's a Halloween conversation game based on the wooden tower building block game called Jenga. Get students talking about what they want to talk about anyway, but in French.The questions require students to read (possibly using resources available in the room to confirm meaning and acquire or reinforce vocabulary), speaking (to answer the questions before placing the block they've pulled out of the tower to place it on top) and listening (to pay attention to their partner or group members' answers and decide if a point is awarded) as well as possibly the opportunity to respond to add their own reaction to classmates' answers.

This activity is free to download in my TPT store for a limited time only! Grab it this week if you think you may use it. And please, I remind you that things people share with you for free are still their intellectual property so please feel free to share a LINK to this activity with another teacher if you loved it, and not to actually distribute the file itself, electronically or otherwise.

See the image that follows for the "secret word" that you're collecting from this web site. You'll need this for the Rafflecopter entry further down in this post. We're giving away 4 gift cards to TeachersPayTeachers. Awesome, right? Be sure to enter.

... and please continue to "haunt on" by clicking the image below the Rafflecopter widget to go to the NEXT education blog in the list!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you're looking for more Halloween activites in French, I also have this spooky Halloween recipe idea in my store. It's an oldie but is still popular and a great way to practice talking and writing about quantities, body parts and using the impératif (or infinitives if you prefer, as is typically more common in recipes).

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