At the fall OMLTA Conference back in October, I presented about moving beyond the boundaries of a single app or tool in order to foster creativity, problem solving and other higher order thinking skills in our students.

You can access my presentation on the OMLTA web site if you are a member. For my colleagues elsewhere, I've decided to share what I presented here on my blog. At some point again in the future, I may revise it a little and re-submit a second proposal to share it again, based on the feedback I got from the session's participants. I was pretty happy with how everything went, and think I could improve it even a little further.

Since the spring OMLTA conference is right around the corner, sharing this has been on my mind as an outstanding "To Do." I'm really excited that for this year, the OMLTA seems to have responded to feedback from the past year or two & now the conference is Friday AND Saturday. In the past, the Thursday afternoon sessions have been hard for teachers to get coverage to attend, and there is an option to JUST pay for the Saturday for those modern language educators whose employers maybe are not supporting them in their efforts to participate in high-quality foreign-language-specific Professional Development.

Hope to see you there!