Saturday, January 21, 2017

Secondary Smorgasbord Celebrates Kindness, Diversity, Critical Thinking on Jan 20th

This month, the Secondary Smorgasbord crew has organized a blog hop to coincide with an initiative proposed by Rachel Lynette of Minds in Bloom. She's truly genius at bringing the community of TpT authors together to collaboratively build fantastic things. Sorry I'm a day late due to chaperoning a school overnight trip!

So, here's the deal.  I have a freebie to offer French teachers that comes from my movie unit for Un Monstre à Paris. It's a listening activity and a cultural lesson with a France connection, a list of names one character calls another throughout the movie. There are two student handout versions included, the original that I use with my French Immersion classes and one with simpler instructions (still all in French) that contain a few images to help students with less French learning under their belt to understand what they need to do.

These would work fine as a sub lesson if you are away ill for a day or two, as the first part just involves watching the movie and identifying the names used from the list provided. As an extension, have students see if they can find any additional nicknames or not-so-nice names used in the movie. Then as a follow up, there are lots of opportunities for character-building conversations around inclusion, consent, intension vs perception and just being respectful and nice to one another.

You can buy the movie Un Monstre à Paris from Amazon if you do not already have it or buy it along with another movie on the same DVD here also from Amazon (Jack et la mécanique du coeur). 

Thank you to Darlene at The ELA Buffet and Pamela of Desktop Learning Adventures once again for encouraging this collaboration in my middle and secondary teaching PLN!

Look for other forever freebies for middle and high school through the blog hop below. You can also search social media and TpT for the hashtags #kindnessnation or #WeHoldTheseTruths

Monday, January 02, 2017

Présentement en janvier chez Mme Aiello

Bonne année, mes amis et amies!

I thought I'd start the new year with .... well, something new! This is the first time I'm joining in the monthly link up hosted and organized by Stéphanie, blogueuse québécoise @ Les Créations de Stéphanie. Normalement, mon blogue est en anglais mais parfois j'écris quelques phrases bilingues. Donc, voici une bonne chance pour moi de faire cela.


Who doesn't love having time to spend with family? I'm glad I managed to get in a short visit with my sister & her kids, despite viruses running rampant in our house around Christmas. We also had our réveillon go off with out much of a hitch, so I'm very thankful for that. And I spent New Year's Day lunch hanging out with my in-laws, which was very nice as well.

Je pense

I've got a few things dangling over me in terms of my pressing "To Do" list. Soon, I'll be chaperoning my school's annual trip to la ville de Québec, but this year I'm not actually teaching grade 8, so that means I need to prepare and leave a full week's worth of lesson plans - for French, English, Science, Social Studies, Drama (these last three all in French as well) - for my own class. Pas une tâche facile à accomplir puisque la suppléante ne parle pas le français! Mais au moins elle est une figure bien connue par mes jeunes.

Je veux

Like many, I'm glad to see the negativity of 2016 come to an end. Let 2017 bring us all peace, love and progress!

Je suis

I haven't exactly made New Year's Resolutions. Not sure whether I will or not (since as far as I'm concerned, le temps du nouvel an étend jusqu'à notre retour à l'école!) Either way though, I'm definitely filled with good intentions and optimism for a fantastic year ahead. All that's left is to make concrete plans to make sure I accomplish my goals. Simple comme bonjour, non?  MDR


So excited that I still have 6 days left to get myself all set up, both at home and with school obligations. It'll all get done somehow, right? It always does!

Pour visiter les autres blogueuses qui participent dans ce rallye-lien, (à ce moment, c'est Mme Emilie et Les Idées de Mme Roxanne, plus Stéphanie et moi - mais le rallye-lien est encore ouvert) et cliquer le logo de Stéphanie ci-dessous.

blog logo for Les Créations de Stéphanie

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