My name is Tammy Aiello. When I've got my "teaching hat" on, I go by Mme Aiello, and I'm the creator of this blog, TpT store, and less well-tended Teachers Notebook store "Teaching FSL". I also curate and participate in multiple collaborative Pinterest boards, which I was excited to find featured in the Dec. 2014 edition of Professionally Speaking.

I'm currently a middle school (Grades 6-8) French Immersion teacher and have been an OCT (Ontario Certified Teacher) since 1997. Every year of my teaching career, I have taught French (or in French) for at least half of my schedule. Prior to taking on an immersion assignment, I taught grades 7-11 Core French, Civics, History, Careers, ESL, Intermediate & Senior English, and even Visual Arts.

Like many teachers, I may suffer from a slight coffee addiction and sometimes struggle with the feeling that I want to (ought to??) take on more than I can. I love reading and movies, and to spend time with my family. I also may overuse parentheses and ellipses on a regular basis. Feel free to leave me a comment yelling "STOP IT" if that starts to drive you batty, and I promise to edit more carefully!  ;-)

My blog started in February 2012 as an attempt to reach out to other French as a Second Language (or French as an Additional Language) teachers. You can read that first blog post here. It's been my experience that we FSL teachers too often feel isolated and lost without the vast sea of resources that seem to exist for our dominant language teaching colleagues. Let's continue to change that together!

I'm open to collaborations which save us all the effort of individual reinventing the wheel, planning time, (and time spent translating!!) - sometimes organized through facebook or Twitter, sometimes undertaken in person - and seven years ago, my TPT store began with the goal of just sharing some of the teacher-made resources my colleagues in the same building and board were so happy to get their hands on to use with their own learners. I figured why not let others see what I'm doing, and stop the complaints of "There's nothing available out there to teach French!" Here we are today, with hundreds of other teachers offering French resources there as well.... it's a great thing!  Variety is the spice of life & the more options we have to meet our learners' individual needs, the better.