Free in-depth articles on the use of technology in education may or may not interest you, but I just found this resource that I'm very excited about, so I thought I'd quickly share it. (Can you tell that sometimes I miss those scholarly days when I was still a student?)

I tried to get my hands on a particular article from the magazine Tech Trends, but everywhere I looked online informed me that I would need to buy it ($35??? Yikes!) or go to a reference library to read it.... so disappointing! Then I realized that Tech Trends allows readers to download a few of their most popular articles for free at http://www.springer.com/education+%26+language/learning+%26+instruction/journal/11528. Try it out! Scroll to the bottom of the page I linked to, and if you don't see the articles under the heading "DOWNLOADS" then click on the gray title bar with the heading to open that section.

What other really awesome technology sites, newsletters, or print publications am I missing out on?