If I Could Invent an Innovative Teacher Product...

I admitted to my husband last week that I really secretly love the TV show Dragon's Den. (Shark Tank is the newer American version) A fellow teacher blogger Jenn, at Best Practices 4 Teaching just started a fun link-up, in her spring fever mode. View her blog post to see the creative and funny suggestions submitted by other teachers!

So, here's my stab at it... trying to save teacherdom, one cool invention at a time!

Do you always lose your favourite pen? In the middle of marking, do you have to stop and look for a different colour of pen because one student submitted work in the same colour of ink as what you were happily using to correct? Do you sometimes like to switch between ink & pencil for making comments without "messing up" a student's work too much? I think this would be a fabulous invention! And if I had several of them, I'd happy loan out "extra pencils" because at the end of each period I would just have to ask for them back and no student would be able to forget to return them! Priceless, I think! ;-)

Teaching Materials Give-Away and Contest

Fellow Canadian middle-school teacher blogger Krystal Mills at Lessons From the Middle is having her very first giveaway as she tries to reach a follower goal she has set for herself.

Everyone who enters will receive a virtual goodie bag she's compiled, and the contest portion means that some lucky winners will receive a prize pack worth over $40, a $25 Amazon gift card, TeachersPayTeachers (TpT) store-specific shopping sprees or a TpT gift certificate. She is planning to pick 13 winners in total, in addition to everyone getting the free "participation" prizes. Well worth checking out her blog, don't you think? She's been sooo flexible too - to enter you can follow any one of the contributing teacher-authors' blogs, her blog, her facebook ... or all of the above for multiple entries!!
(Disclaimer: I donated a couple of products for her giveaway, but am not benefiting monetarily in any way. If you choose to follow me to enter the blog, I'd be really happy!)

Bonne chance!