This post is a bit of a downer, but it's done in the spirit of self-reflection and self-improvement. I'll be adding another one... maybe later today if I'm lucky that's more universally French-teacher-relevant and hopefully inspirational! So, feel free to skip this and wait for the next blog post if you aren't in the mood.

I often think I really ought to take a graphic design course.  It would keep me from spending hours looking for the right clip art and textual elements to accompany an activity for school, or for my kids' birthday parties, and the myriad other life events for which I find myself getting the creativity bug, but it would prevent "oopsies" like this one...

This "How to booklet" procedural writing template, adapted from an English version made available by NicoleB on TpT, is the latest freebie I added to my freebie downloads page.  While I think it's a perfectly valid assignment, and who doesn't love having a template ready to go for classroom activities like this, is this not the ugliest thing you've ever seen?  Sigh! I don't think there's anything wrong with the individual graphical elements that I used, I just have no idea how to put them together for the best effect.  It's completely trial and error for me, and this, alas was a big no-no, I see now.  I'll be replacing the cover page with a second attempt.  If it's not better, please leave me a quick comment to let me know!  {wink}

We do the same thing in our classrooms, right?  Try new ideas and strategies, and sometimes we do it skillfully, while others (especially if it's just an idea, and we haven't had the proper training or exposure to the elements behind an approach) things might go a little like my cover page layout went!

PS:  I guess I ought to change the colour of my signature so that it fits in better with the new template as well!