I'm so pleased to be hosting a blog hop with some of my favourite Middle and Secondary School teacher bloggers right before back to school (at least in most places here in Ontario and New York state). There, I've said it... I'm Canadian and may be a neighbour to the north for some of you, and I simply cannot spell certain words without the U I've grown up loving and expecting. But don't hold that against me... I'm inclusive and we've got the US-accepted spelling on a Blog Button too!

Teaching FSL - Secondary Blog Hop

In honour of Labour Day which is next weekend (or rather, exactly one week from today, as it's a holiday Monday) we've decided to showcase our best "no prep required" resources. We've done the labour so you don't have to!  Get it? Credit for that goes straight to the fabulously helpful Darlene of Meatballs in the Middle (aka The ELA Buffet, as she's in the midst of rebranding her blog.)

In my case, I was a little torn what to highlight because my products are mostly for French classes and I know that an abnormally high percentage of new French teachers seem to get hired at the last minute. I know I had only a week to prepare for my first full time teaching job, and I bet some of you know a French teaching friend who's had an interview in August. In fact... more on that later this week.

In the end, I went with a Back to School bundle. It contains several of my best-selling products bundled together with a few other things to give you exactly what you need to be ready for back to school.

In it you'll find:
  • Ready to print, no assembly required classroom helpers sign with images
  • Classroom Management "Champs" Posters as well as more generic classroom Rules Printables
  • Learning Goal, Success Criteria & Reminder posters
  • Classroom Expressions & Vocabulary Handout, activites & differentiated "J'ai... Qui a..." game to print & cut (only simple, straight lines, I swear... 30 seconds at the paper cutter, envelopes or paper clips ready!)
  • Best-selling back to school introductory activity to get students talking to each other and about themselves in French (Personal Coat of Arms or Mes Armoiries Personnelles in French)

That's 7 products, which of course you could also get individually from my store. Several of these already include a couple of variations, because I know all teachers like to do things their own way, so I'm happy to provide that option when I can... and guess what else? The Coat of Arms & Classroom Helpers are totally editable Word document files, so you can personalize it or switch things up as you wish. If you don't have the time to worry about that this year, no problem. After you've tried it out as is, you can make any notes to yourself about things you might like to do differently.

I've bundled this package up just for this promotion, you can download it for $12 which is more than 25% off if you were to purchase these items separately. Not to mention that it's more convenient to already have everything in one zipped folder.

If you don't teach French, that's perfectly alright!  Please visit my teaching colleagues blog posts below about what they have to offer you ... download something, photocopy it and head back to the beach for a few more rays of sunshine before your summer is truly done!