I'm not.  Sigh!  I've never had the pleasure that I have long craved as a technophile teacher to give a lesson using an interactive white board (or SMARTboard)

But you never know... I might be tempted to give this a try! Have you herad that you can make your own IWB that works on any flat surface for under $100?  Of course, you need to have a computer and a digital projector for this to work, but I just might give it a whirl!  You basically need a Wii remote, a stand to hold it still, a  SMARTboard pen and a freeware software application.

This year, I tried to tell myself that this technology is already passé, but several people were quick to contradict me on my facebook page.

For those of you who teach French and already have a SmartBoard, I thought I'd share this wiki I found, hosted by the Ottawa-Carleton school baord.

Another resource to check out... see this Skills to Try list for avoiding being the sage on the stage when using this fabulously impressive teaching tool. Both you and the students should know how to operate your specific brand of IWB to use these functions for best results.

What do you think? Should I give it a shot?