Don't forget to pop back to Teaching Through Turbulence today for the end of the Autism Awareness Blog Hop!  She's got two great giveaways happening on behalf of those of us who participated in this event.

Teaching Through Turbulence

I found this video when looking for anti-bullying resources the other day, and it made me cry.  Nothing like a good cry - especially one driven by empathy and a desire to celebrate the uniqueness within us all! So I thought I'd share that with you too.

Last but not least, I'm adding another freebie into the mix. This is inspired by the blog post I mentioned by the autistic learner in my previous post. Print off this instruction sheet and glue it into the front cover (or perhaps the front cover and first page, if you'd like to display bilingual instuctions side by side) to form a personal dictionary for the French student with learning exceptionalities.

Image of French and English bilingual printable instruction page for a Personal Dictionary notebook by Teaching FSL
Contact me through my Contact page or leave me a message below if you need a PDF version

This is a tactic I've used for many years for ELL (English Language Learners) students in French class, and didn't realize how potentially beneficial it could be for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) students as well. If it helps to take away the focus of words that aren't already known and builds vocabulary at the same time, I'd call that a perfect example of a strategy that capitalizes on a learner's strengths and meeting students' learning needs in diverse ways.

Best of luck with the draw, and thanks so much for stopping by!