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For my third instalment of "Chanson de Dimanche" I present La Mer... une chanson classique et romantique. It's my favourite song from the French Kiss soundtrack, back from when I first started teaching.  Your students might recognize it from the first season of Lost (if they're old enough to have watched that) or from Finding Nemo, or from the ending of Mr. Bean Goes on Holiday, and even Austin Powers!

Copyright by Moyan Brenn
Aside from the fact that this is a song recognized around the world, and a beautiful opportunity to inject a little cultural appreciation, it could be used as a fun activity in French Immersion when learning about bodies of water (la mer, l'étang, les golfes) in Geography or a thematic unit.

I also love the fact that if a student realizes that they've kind of heard this song in English before, you can point out that in this case, it was written in French first & wasn't just a case of American music having a francophone version. The English is not a direct translation and the French version is much more beautiful!

I've prepared 4 different classroom activities based on this song (plus the thematic tie-in I proposed above, and of COURSE bookmark this for a Valentine's Day lesson about romance... or why not even Earth Day?  In this download, you'll have:

  1. A fill in the blank adjective agreement reading activity with the lyrics 
  2. A handout asking students to identify the prepositions within the song.
  3. A simple listening activity to place the four verses in order while listening.
  4. And a 2-page writing activity with suggested writing prompts (or of course you can prepare your own) and a one page "publishing template" to use to show off student work on a bulletin board.
What else would you do with this song? Feel free to share your ideas below!