Last September, a couple of other Ontario teacher-bloggers & I got together at a conveniently located Symposium Café.

Please allow me to introduce them... from left to right.

First, we have Patti Firth of Madly Learning. She came on the teacher-blogger scene in a big way, with lots of creative and wonderful ideas in the spring of 2012. What did I most admire about Mrs. Firth? Two things... her go-get-'em collaborative Canadian attitude.  I had an full out, forehead slapping "Why didn't I think of that?" moment in June when she ran a Canadian teacher blogger link up.

Secondly, her prior blogging experience which made it possible for her to create her current blog in a very professional way from the get-go, not making a lot of the beginner mistakes most of us have had to make, while we stumbled along before we learned to stand.

The growing Firth family has kept Patti a bit quiet online lately - congrats again, Patti!

Madly Learning
Hooray for Brownie Points
Realm of Gaudet

Next to her is Nicole Brown who you'll find at Brownie Points. She's a primary teacher not that far away from me. We met online, even though we actually work for the same school board.  Isn't it funny how that works sometimes?

Next in the orange is me.  :-) Not quite sure WHAT I was doing that made me the only blurry one in the photo. Too much caffeine as usual, perhaps.

At the other end is Mrs. Gaudet, sometimes blogger & resource teacher that you can check out at Realm of Gaudet. She's got a great presentation there outlining some fabulous tech tools for helping ELL students, which you should definitely check out.

There were a couple of others awesome teachers who were hoping to make it that had other things life throws our way come up, but I sure am hoping to do this again.  It's so fun to network & collaborate AND to have a little "girl time" simultaneously.  So, with that in mind, I was thinking it would be GREAT to plan a little restaurant get together in the spring. If you're interested in receiving an update, please fill out this contact form.

(Male bloggers invited too!) Can't wait to hear from you!