I'm so pleased to be part of Two Peas & A Dog's second annual "Chaos" blog hop for teachers of grades 6 through 12.

My year end student engagement tip for you is to make sure the students know the content you're covering (or reviewing) with them is still real and relevant. Of course you want to add some elements of fun & appeal to their interests to help them stay engaged, but as soon as they sense that you're done teaching, they will be done learning. We don't really want to babysit them for the last 3-4 weeks any more than their parents want that time to be wasted. And honestly, they'll be bored, and that will be more work for you in the end.

My organization tip is write down ALL of your school-related passwords in your planner, or somewhere else that will be the first thing you need when you head back into the school (likely a week or two before you actually get PAID to start being there). Six weeks from now, you're really not going to remember all the idiosyncratic patterns for the dozen or so different logins... unless your board is MUCH more methodical than mine with these matters. And the IT department might get the larger issues sorted out much faster in September if they didn't have to handle 4000 calls for password resets.

Thanks for joining us! Twenty teacher-bloggers collaborated on this end of the school year celebration by donating a product to the Surviving the Chaos blog hop bundle. The entry form is at www.2peasandadog.com to help keep you organized as you hop over to each blog to obtain the secret letter. Once you've got all the letters, fill out the Google form to receive your upper-grades (6-12) product bundle. 
Thanks for joining our end of the school year blog hop! We had a great turn out and gave away hundreds of prize packs! All good things must come to an end...the giveaway is now closed.  However, our good old fashioned survival tips remain free for the taking!