This summer, I've got a few PD plans already under way.  I'm taking an AQ course (that's short for Additional Qualification here in Ontario) and then of course there's the standard professional reading list. I've been interested in some different strategies to help me be a better "literacy" teacher. One thing I'm working on right now is a fun new (to some of us, at least) way to do a Book Club.

This online Book Study is hosted by Melissa from Dilly Dabbles, who is an Instructional Coach, edublogger and graphic designer, and a bunch of other edu-bloggers (aka teachers who like to write & share with you!) will be joining in.  We'd love for you to join in with your comments and reflections as you read along with us.  No need to have a blog to be part of this! If you don't have the book already, you can order one here:

Check back soon for more details on Notice & Note: Strategies for Close Reading, by Beers and Probst. Here's our anticipated schedule.