Happy summer, everyone! School finally ended yesterday for me, and Canada Day is right around the corner. I'm participating in a Canada Day blog hop full of tips, freebies and best wishes to our Canadian teaching colleagues for a fabulous summer!

What's more Canadian than giving? 

I'm giving you a brand new freebie which I created for a grade-wide cross curricular project this year that shows off Canada's charitable side. To keep this blog post from becoming overly long, I'll sum up by saying that we had a fund-raising initiative, and part of that was chosing to whom we wanted to donate the funds that we raised. Our grade 8 team decided to use Kiva, which is an organization that provides micro-loans to people around the world striving to help themselves as well as to build up their communities.  I came up with the idea of a town hall meeting, so we had a series of "presenters" in class pitch their point of view and we followed it up by a class discussion (which took the form of a question and answer period) and then a vote.

I've got a graphic organizer that my students used to take notes to prepare them for the presentations. The one page recording sheet has three separate versions:
  • English
  • French with instructions still in English
  • fully French version for immersion or francophone classes to use 

Included with that download, I've also identified the Ontario Language curriculum expectations and the French language expectations (specifically for the 2013 Curriculum document with a focus on Grade 8, but it can easily work for other grade levels too.) What's missing ... please don't judge too harshly! It's a freebie and I'm exhausted from just finishing this year!... is any reference to Geography expectations, even though there definitely ARE some that tie in. The cross curricular project I mentioned had a focus on the second unit of the new Social Studies curriculum for grade 8 as well, but was assessed in a variety of ways, so I didn't bother pointing anything out in this aspect of the project. You can read a little more about it here.

In the true spirit of giving, I'm leaving it fully editable as a Word document for you, so that you can customize it as you see fit. There's also a PDF version just in case you have any formatting issues, so you can see what it should look like to help you to rearrange your layout if necessary.
Happy Canada Day from Teaching FSL Joyeuse Fête Nationale du Canada

Happy Canada Day everyone! Be sure to check out the other blog posts below for more wonderful sharing & be sure to take a look at the sales we've also offered in our TPT stores over the next couple of days!