Well, I did it... I said the "B" word.  Honestly, in Ontario, we're still a bit away from the true Back to School rush, but of course some teachers never really stop thinking about it, and others choose to do their planning early. (I even saw tons of teachers wanting to do their long range plans in July, even though they typically aren't due until about the third week of September, just to have the peace of mind of being prepared!)

So, TpT has an annual tradition of offering a site-wide coupon code to be used at checkout and encouraging individual sellers of throwing their own sale to coincide, and to offer you the best deals possible. August 4-5 are the dates this year, and I'll be browsing, even though I don't go back to school for almost a full month after that.

For the middle & higher grades, here are some secondary sellers who are participating in the sale. Be sure to have a laugh at our expense - check out our old grad or yearbook photos below, and then scroll on down for a clickable list of our stores.

These secondary teacher-authors are all having sales up to 28% OFF!