Just a short and sweet post. I wanted to share an authentic audio resoure I found. It's called Microphone Francophone, and it's a radio program carried on multiple radio stations (but also downaloadable and streamable - kind of like a French podcast).

Check out its archives on Sound Cloud too. They're great because the show is positive, francophone culture-based and digestible, with episodes lasting only 15 minutes.

Some ideas to try with it:
  • assign listening to it as homework (sharing reactions in a class discussion, or small groups with accountable talk)
  • assign 1-2 minute segments of it with comprehension questions that you design
  • assign different short segments to different students... like a listening comprehension jigsaw
  • use it in class to model various listening strategies, and to help expose students to the cadence & rythym of real, authentic spoken French with different accents
  • use as the basis of a webquest (i.e. Quel est un synoymn de "chroniqueur"? Les personnes qui contribuent viennent de combien de pays? Quel animateur s'occupe aussi de l'environnement en France?")


  1. WOW! C'est super ce site! Je suis impressionnée par la qualité des reportages! Non seulement c'est authentique, mais aussi très culturel! Merci de partager ce petit bijou avec nous! :)


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