Just over 2 weeks from the Rock Your French Class virtual conference! This is a very affordable French-specific Professional Development opportunity that you can do from the comfort of your home or wherever you happen to be, via internet access. If you've attended FrEd Matters in person in prior years, this PD initiative has grown out of that collaborative endeavour. I'm presenting a session focused on Reading with French as an additional language students, whether that is Core French, French Immersion, or whatever non-francophone milieu label for your class you happen to use! 

Teaching FSL's Rock Your French Reading PD session

I am honoured to be part of this great group of educators, sharing and supporting French teachers at this very difficult time. Visit the conference sign up page to check out the sessions offered. If you aren't available on the actual day, please note that the live sessions are being recorded, so you can still sign up even if you have other plans that day! I actually had a prior engagement myself, but thankfully the timing works out so that I can attend both, and catch up on the sessions I will miss later.

Although I've actually designed and delivered webinars in a prior role, it's been quite some time. I'm a little nervous about making sure I'm meeting my audience's needs when I can't see them. One way I will try to address this reduced interactivity, necessary for good flow in a virtual environment is to ask for participants' input ahead of time.

In order to give me time to adjust my content if necessary, I'll leave this survey open for a little more than a week, but close it on August 1st. Input can be anonymous or you can choose to identify yourself to be included in a "Virtual Door Prize" draw. Either way, I'd ask that you ONLY complete and submit the survey once you've registered for Rock Your French Class, to be sure I'm working to adapt my details for the needs of the people who will actually be seeing it. 

I'll be covering: 
  • The FSL Global Read Aloud
  • Centres for exploring any text in a way that integrates FSL-student needs (* Participants will get a copy of my centres for free)
  • Song lyrics as reading material, keeping current Covid guidelines in mind
  • Other materials available for you to use to encourage reading and to make it accessible for your students' skill level
Hope to see you there!