I have never been an occasional teacher. It's kind of my ultimate nightmare... the nerves all teachers get before the first day of school - EVERY - SINGLE - DAY! I doubt I could do it, and kudos to those of you who do!

Little boy looking surprised - Caption reads "What makes a great French sub plan?'"

I have some ideas about what a good substitute lesson plan is compared to something that will make the day go horribly wrong. Some things, I learned from experience the hard way, and other things are just my gut feeling.

Right in the middle of a project, where the students understand exactly what is expected of them, and they have all the tools necessary to do their work is the perfect time to be away, if you ask me. Of course, illness, injury and family emergencies never happen at just those moments. Today was one of those "not quite right" moments for me, and I thought that the items in my "Emergency Supply Plans" folder would be just fine, but alas... apparently I have an unhappy substitute teacher.

I'd love to hear from those of you who have been a supply teacher in an FSL classroom. What are the best types of lessons for the teacher to leave behind, in YOUR opinion?

teacher sick in bed with a thermometer

(P.S. I do intend to follow up this post in a couple of weeks with some suggestions of my own.... and you can now read that post by clicking here, if you like!)