Just after midnight last night, I used the random number generator 10 times (well, really 11, because one number happened to come up twice, and I didn't think it was fair for one person to win two things.  I'd rather spread the love!) and here are the results:

I'm sending out an email as well (draft saved & ready to go!) letting the following people know that they won their choice of item in my blog giveaway.  

#7 Joyce D. - MA
#14  Rose M. - AZ / PA
#17 Anne-Marie R. - ON
#19 Liz B - NC
#20 Joyce H. - TN
#23 Marion W. -  FL
#25 Dustin M. - KY
#29 Kristy D. - ON
#33 Clancy P. - ON
#34 Terri B. - BC

The first person to comment at the end of this post will get their first choice of any of the ten prizes I have to offer.  The second person to add their comment will get their first choice out of the nine remaining prizes, and so on.  Feel free to leave me your top two to four choices out of what is available at the point you start to comment, just in case someone else is leaving a comment at the same time as you are.

I've also stated in my email that it's fine to comment anonymously if you are uncomfortable with everyone seeing what you won. In that case, just email me separately right after, with a copy of your comment so that I know where to send the prize.  In case of vacations or other circumstances, I will wait until the end of the day Tuesday, July 17 to redraw in the event that there are remaining prizes.  Please contact me before then to claim your prize!

Congratulations... and thanks everyone for taking the time to visit my blog to enter, and for checking out my facebook page!