Ugh... I meant to get a million things done this summer, and am finding it hard to be motivated.  It seems "Clancy" here in Ontario has been on vacation and missed my deadline by which to respond for my giveaway.  I still have one prize left on my list... Two fun magic square activities from HoJo's Teaching Adventures - one math & one language arts.  Any teacher who has put one of these puzzles together (as I have for French) knows that it takes a bit of work to make sure you don't overlook something, so that the puzzle works perfectly.

So the NEW winning number is 11, which is Suzanne S from TN.  I'll be emailing you your prize in just a minute, Suzanne. Congratulations!

So I've been feeling a little badly that I'm behind on some of my plans, but it is summer, after all.  So, I've decided I'm not going to stress about it.  I'm not announcing that I'm "taking a break" exactly, but rather that I'll only be sharing things with you when the mood strikes me to finish the 101 ideas I've got tucked away.  In the spirit of this decision, here's something Honey Bunch Blog Design is sharing for free this month...

Something tells me that my outlook being a little more carefree might help to get those creative juices flowing again.  Take care, my friends!  I'll be in touch soon!