I don't know about you, but I was jealous of the blog posts and pinterest tips that I saw about keeping  students' tables or desks straight. I'm not one to "zip tie" things together because I like to have my  learners work in different configurations too frequently. And I've seen the "sticker on the floor" trick but NO school that I've ever worked in has had custodial staff that would be excited about that option.

Enter my fun alternative... use wet erase markers to mark the location of desk legs!

Frame courtesy of the 3AMTeacher 

I checked out this plan with our head custodian beforehand, so no one was surprised.  The marker leaves enough of a mark that even with a quick mop, it doesn't rub off 100%. You can actually see off to the left side the remains of the previous mark (which I left deliberately for you to have a better idea!) where the desk was placed a few inches away.

Students can quickly see where their desk ought to be whenever it's time to tidy up.  It saves me from straightening desks at the end of the day, or reminding the kids throughout the day that my hips may be a tiny bit wider than theirs.  So far, it's working (with bi-weekly touch-ups) and everyone's happy!