Last week, someone in an online teacher group ask me if I'd ever heard of Pinterest. I'm not normally one to toot my own horn, really, but since the question arose, I shared with her that my main Pinterest board was named as a great resource for French teachers in our province's professional college's magazine (Professionally Speaking, December 2014).

This conversation reminded me that I'd planned to write up a blog post about how I use Pinterest, as part of a cool secondary level blog hop organized by ELA Buffet and Desktop Learning Adventures who are two wonderful people I met last summer.

I use Pinterest to capture ideas, resources, materials and images that are of interest to me as a francophile and an educator.  To my main pinterest board, I pin anything and everything of use to French teachers. That might be anchor charts, funny memes en français, great tips for teaching grammar, short video clips, and fun or interesting worksheets, ready to print games, and other resources.

Those of you in Ontario may be interested in checking out my collaborative board specific to our province's curriculum.

I also collect ideas and resources specifically for Social Studies. Since I teach these subjects in French, most of the resources are in French already, or are cool ideas that are easily adaptable. Many of the pins are for grade 8 Geography & History, because that is my current grade level, but I also pin materials that are not specifically for my own grade, to help me keep track of great things that I want to refer to my colleagues. I have a small but growing board for CEFR-relevant teaching ideas and resources as well, and another for educational technology that could be of interest for French teachers.

image of Teaching FSL's Pinterest EdTech board

Finally, I do have a couple of Pinterest boards that are specific to my own classroom. I started pinning ideas for cheap and cheerful crafts after seeing some of my students struggle to come up with a plan for something they might be able to quickly, easily make without a large investment for my school's annual Entrepreneurial Fair, and I've also suggested to students (and shown them how) to pin images found online, and ok for educational use, that they might incorporate into a storybook, or other image-based project.

I'd like to end with a question to my readers: I haven't taken the time to pretty up my pinterest board covers. Do you care? If this is a worthwhile investment in making my boards a place you'd like to visit, then I'm happy to oblige. If not, then I'll just keep trying to pin quality content & support FSL teachers by curating the options that are open to us. Leave me a comment below to let me know!

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