Anyone else trying to organize their digital filing system as this school year comes to an end?  this year ended up looking NOTHING like I thought it would. I bet many of my virtual colleagues can say the same, with this fast-paced full-year of pandemic learning.

I found some task cards that I used in my classroom last fall. Need to have your students practice differentiating the passé composé from the imparfait, as well as forming each verb tense properly? 

If your classroom allows something resembling normal movement in the fall, then these might come in handy. I love how task cards are easily differentiated (just tell a student which ones you want them to answer, or let them choose a certain number, that is reduced or simplified in content from the rest of the class!) The fact that task cards can be solved while moving around, with a buddy or independently, gives many students that body break they need while still keeping them focused on learning!  

This set of 12 task cards (which I've labelled with an"a" on each card, since I actually used them along with another full set of questions in my own classroom) is based on the FSLGRA novel Chroniques post-apocalyptiques d'une enfant sage by Annie Bacon. I also included both verb tenses, both auxiliary verbs, and some reflexive verbs on this set of cards. 

Be sure to check out the FSLGRA website for more FREE activities to use with this book! Click here to download the set of 12 task cards plus a corresponding student answer recording sheet. I hope you enjoy trying this out!