As you may or may not realize, I am a full-time teacher and therefore I really only get to spend my breaks working on updating products in my TPT store.

Summer vacation and winter break (as well as spring break, and Thanksgiving or other long weekends) are also the best time for me to spend energy on getting resources that I've used successfully in my own classroom ready to share with others. I’m talking about free resources as well as those I make available for purchase. Typically, I’m hesitant to share immediately with other teachers as I keep my head above water in my own classroom teaching position throughout the year, because I need to add instructions, answer keys, and other components.

So this is where YOU come in!  As a non-native French speaker myself, yet someone dedicated to providing quality French Immersion resources (as well as Core French) to my virtual PLC, I always, always need at least a couple of people to check over my resources to be sure they’re ready to upload. 

If you’re a francophone or very fluent and detail-oriented teacher who is willing to help in exchange for FREE copies of the final resource, I want to hear from you! If you see your assistance as an ongoing relationship, then please fill out the Google Form to apply to join the small group that I call upon first and foremost as the opportunities arise.

On my facebook page, I've already recently shared the resource I'm currently trying to wrap up, and I definitely have plans to add more resources like the recent Super Hakim book companion products I've uploaded already. If either of these current projects are of interest to you, please contact me so that we can discuss next steps and schedule something! 

If you are a French as a Second Language teacher but don't consider yourself “fully fluent” (because, linguistic insecurity or regional differences, amIright?) then I may still be able to use your help in exchange for free products. If that's something you're interested in and eager to help me with, please use the contact form, email me, or reach out via social media to let me know.  

Merci beaucoup!! Bon été!