Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer and Sharing...

Ugh... I meant to get a million things done this summer, and am finding it hard to be motivated.  It seems "Clancy" here in Ontario has been on vacation and missed my deadline by which to respond for my giveaway.  I still have one prize left on my list... Two fun magic square activities from HoJo's Teaching Adventures - one math & one language arts.  Any teacher who has put one of these puzzles together (as I have for French) knows that it takes a bit of work to make sure you don't overlook something, so that the puzzle works perfectly.

So the NEW winning number is 11, which is Suzanne S from TN.  I'll be emailing you your prize in just a minute, Suzanne. Congratulations!

So I've been feeling a little badly that I'm behind on some of my plans, but it is summer, after all.  So, I've decided I'm not going to stress about it.  I'm not announcing that I'm "taking a break" exactly, but rather that I'll only be sharing things with you when the mood strikes me to finish the 101 ideas I've got tucked away.  In the spirit of this decision, here's something Honey Bunch Blog Design is sharing for free this month...

Something tells me that my outlook being a little more carefree might help to get those creative juices flowing again.  Take care, my friends!  I'll be in touch soon!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

And the Winners are ...

Just after midnight last night, I used the random number generator 10 times (well, really 11, because one number happened to come up twice, and I didn't think it was fair for one person to win two things.  I'd rather spread the love!) and here are the results:

I'm sending out an email as well (draft saved & ready to go!) letting the following people know that they won their choice of item in my blog giveaway.  

#7 Joyce D. - MA
#14  Rose M. - AZ / PA
#17 Anne-Marie R. - ON
#19 Liz B - NC
#20 Joyce H. - TN
#23 Marion W. -  FL
#25 Dustin M. - KY
#29 Kristy D. - ON
#33 Clancy P. - ON
#34 Terri B. - BC

The first person to comment at the end of this post will get their first choice of any of the ten prizes I have to offer.  The second person to add their comment will get their first choice out of the nine remaining prizes, and so on.  Feel free to leave me your top two to four choices out of what is available at the point you start to comment, just in case someone else is leaving a comment at the same time as you are.

I've also stated in my email that it's fine to comment anonymously if you are uncomfortable with everyone seeing what you won. In that case, just email me separately right after, with a copy of your comment so that I know where to send the prize.  In case of vacations or other circumstances, I will wait until the end of the day Tuesday, July 17 to redraw in the event that there are remaining prizes.  Please contact me before then to claim your prize!

Congratulations... and thanks everyone for taking the time to visit my blog to enter, and for checking out my facebook page!

Friday, July 06, 2012

100 Likes Update & a Link Up for New Teachers

I think my prize list is now complete on yesterday's post about my giveaway for hitting 100 likes on my Teaching FSL facebook page.  And... I even have more contest entrants than I do prizes. {phew! wiping a bead of sweat from my brow!}

Here is a visual for the prizes up for grabs.  Please remember to visit my friends' pages who have so generously donated these items! Pssst... Some of them are actually CANADIAN!  ;-)

donated by
donated by
donated by
donated by
joyin6th Homepage
donated by
donated by
Lessons From The Middle
donated by
donated by
donated by
and also. . .
donated by
HoJo's Teaching Adventures

In other business...Deb over at Fabulously First is hosting her first link up party.  (We fellow bloggers twisted her arm when she asked this question and about 100 different opinions were expressed!)

I love the look of her blog - it's so fresh, clean and well... crisp, if you'll pardon the pun! You'll see what I mean when you check the link to see other advice for brand new teachers. 

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

100 facebook Likes = Time for a Giveaway!

Yeah!  The past few weeks have been quite an interesting ride on my facebook journey.  I went from 50 individual "Likes" on June 23 to 100 just now!

I absolutely couldn't have done it without my fabulous online "promoters".  I'm so happy to have you guys (well, gals mostly, actually) behind me, encouraging me to keep sharing the resources and articles I track down, to spend time creating my own that are usable beyond my own four walls, and to generally share what's happening in this French teacher's world.

So, time for a celebration!  Funny how it coincides with July 1 and July 4th! I have some of my online friends contributing to make this party extra-special.

Enter by filling out the giveaway form.  I will use a random number generator to select winners for the following prizes, and after the "contest" closes at midnight EST Wednesday, July 11, I'll send everyone who entered a one-time special digital freebie.  (And I promise to respect your privacy - the email addresses collected will not be used to further market to you... at some future point, if I'm offering to do that through a newsletter or something, I'll be happy to let you know, and to seek your consent then!)

I figured the fairest way to do this... since I'm not very experienced at it and want to keep it simple ... is that I will email the winners (with a blind copy) once I finish making the random draws for the total number of prizes, as well as publish a list here on my blog.  The winners will need to comment on the post indicating their choice of prize... first come, first pick!

So what are the prizes?

(Update:  I think that's it now for the prizes, so I've deleted the "more to come" comment above, and this paragraph is no longer needed. But I feel weird deleting it, so I'll leave it in with this disclaimer!)  I could pretend that I'm being mysterious but the truth is that even though I started to think about what I would do when I hit 100 followers when my facebook page hit 50, that was just 2 weeks ago and I really didn't expect it to happen so quickly!  I still have to work out the details with some of the prize donors as we've been busy with family and fireworks.

Please be sure to follow the links above to check out the wonderful bloggers who are helping me out by supporting my giveaway.  They are ALL fabulous!  Here's to continued success, for all of us!

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